Conservation Fund Final Reporting

In accordance with the Contribution Agreement made between NIMMSA and the Recipient, a Final Report shall be submitted within one month of project completion. As agreed, by submitting this report the Recipient will receive the remaining 50% of their funding (if not already received after completion of an Interim Report) and, apart from their commitment to acknowledge NIMMSA in any future public representation of this project, shall be released from any further commitment to NIMMSA. This Final Report is an important document that is meant to inform NIMMSA that the project:

  • was carried out diligently with a strong commitment to the objectives
  • activities were effective as an approach to achieve objectives
  • methods and approach were ethical and of high value
  • objectives were met (or not)
  • funds were used solely for the project and all expenditures are accountable
  • has resulted in positive implications for marine conservation, education or stewardship.

1. Expense Report – detailed list of all items that funds were spent on

2. Project Summary – 200-500 word paragraph including the following

  • title, date and location of project
  • project objectives, activities and methods
  • were projective objectives met and if not, why?
  • who and what will benefit from the project?
  •  how has the project contributed to marine conservation, education or stewardship?
  • Does the project have any long-term implications?
  •  conclusions / recommendations

3. Project Photograph(s) – one or two photographs that best depict the project that will be posted on our website alongside your written project summary

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