Conservation Fund Interim Reporting

In accordance with the Contribution Agreement made between NIMMSA and the grant Recipient, the submission of an Interim Report mid-way through the project period is optional if the Recipient wishes to receive the remaining 50% of the grant amount prior to completion of the project and submission of a Final Report. This Interim Report does not negate the responsibility of the Recipient in their duty to submit a Final Report upon completion of the project but will contain important information to evaluate the progress of the project based on the following criteria:

• Project is actively moving forward with respect to the work plan.
• Timing of the project is on track and will be completed by the planned end date.
• Budget of the project is on par with the project plan and the appropriated funds.
• Methods and approach of the project are proving to be effective and continue to be in line with NIMMSA aims, scopes, values and standards.
• Deviations from project plan are reasonable and do not take away from the mission, objectives or quality of the project.
• Results reported (quantitative and anecdotal) thus far are measurable and demonstrate quality commitment to the project objectives.

1.  Expense Report – detailed list of what funds have been spent on and a detailed list of projected expenses related to the project.

2. Interim Project Summary – 200-500 word paragraph including the following:

  • title, date and location of project
  • a detailed outline identifying all activities implemented to date, and a timeline for the remainder of the project period
  • Identify any additions, omissions, adaptations or other changes made from the proposed project plan thus far (specify reasoning)
  • what quantitative and/or anecdotal results have you recorded so far and how do you evaluate them with regard to accomplishing your project objectives?
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