NIMMSA Initiatives

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NIMMSA plays an active role in stewardship activities aimed at benefiting the marine environment, marine species and the marine based eco-tourism industry. Our work ranges from policy development to supporting and undertaking field-based conservation efforts. The following, is a list of some of the actions we have taken over the years and the subsequent results.


  • Led the Whale Heritage Site application process for Vancouver Island North
  • Particpated in all activities of the Vancouver Island North Whale Heritage Site Advisory Team and Executive Council
  • Implemented a $1.00 per guest/per day conservation fee for NIMMSA members that will be used in aggregate to fund marine conservation activities in Vancouver Island North.
  • Received much positive local and international media attention for modelling responsible whale watching through the Whale Heritage Site process as well as implementation of ethical advertising policies and use of the whale watch flag.
  • Hosted Whale Heritage Site auditors and organized all audit activities.
  • Hosted Whale Heritage Site filmmakers and organized filming activities.



  • NIMMSA co-hosts the annual whale-watch community pre-season meeting in Telegraph Cove.
  • NIMMSA continues promotion of the whale-watch flag and ethical advertising.
  • NIMMSA co-publishes report titled Connecting Marine Ecotourism Values in Northern Vancouver Island with Marine Protected Areas with Living Oceans Society.
  • NIMMSA joins the World Cetacean Alliance
  • NIMMSA attends the Whale Heritage Site summit on Faial Island, Azores, Portugal to promote Vancouver Island North as a candidate for a globally recognized Whale Heritage Site.
  • NIMMSA website is re-designed


  • NIMMSA works with Living Oceans Society to survey ecotourism operators in the north island to inform development of marine protected areas
  • NIMMSA co-hosts the annual whale community pre-season meeting in Telegraph Cove
  • NIMMSA continues promotion of the whale watch flag.


  • NIMMSA publishes report on the economic value of the association.
  • NIMMSA co-hosts the annual whale community pre-season meeting with the Whale Interpretive Centre.
  • NIMMSA promotes the whale watch flag and environmental value of the association in the media.
  • NIMMSA informs science on the use of critical and other habitats by northern resident killer whales.
  • NIMMSA opposes logging of Boat Bay on West Cracroft Island near northern resident and transient killer whale critical habitat.


  • NIMMSA surveys members on the economic value of their businesses.
  • NIMMSA opposes Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal
  • NIMMSA continues promotion of the whale watch flag.


  • NIMMSA provides input at a 3 day long workshop concerning resident killer whale prey and disturbance issues.
  • NIMMSA organizes and hosts the annual whale community pre-season meeting.
  • NIMMSA opposes proposal to log an area on West Cracroft Island that is adjacent to the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve and is of significant aesthetic value to the local tourism industry.
  • NIMMSA opposes NOAA US government proposed killer whale satellite tagging activities.
  • NIMMSA requests further protection from government for the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve.


  • NIMMSA provides funds to the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve warden program to ensure optimal operation during peak season.
  • NIMMSA joins the Wilderness Tourism Association.
  • NIMMSA prompts media coverage and public discussion regarding US government proposals to satellite tag killer whales that live in BC.
  • NIMMSA implements the use of a whale-watch flag. Flag use spreads through member body and gets promoted by government.


  • NIMMSA provides funds to EcoJustice Canada and supports a coalition of several NGO’s in a lawsuit against Fisheries and Oceans Canada for not providing the proper protection of resident killer whales critical habitat in BC. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is subsequently found guilty and ordered to protect resident killer whale critical habitat.
  • NIMMSA works to help improve communication and understanding between DFO policy and enforcement and the marine-based eco-tourism industry.


  • NIMMSA explains importance of enforcing Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve park boundaries to BC Parks. Commercial tourism activity within the confines of the Ecological Reserve are subsequently put to an end.
  • NIMMSA objects two proposed water power project proposals within northern resident killer whale critical habitat.


  • NIMMSA expresses concern to government ministers about the health of BC’s wild salmon stocks and what is being done to conserve them.
  • NIMMSA co-organizes and co-hosts the annual whale community pre-season meeting with Straitwatch.


  • NIMMSA is involved with media regarding whale-watch industry activities to ensure a fair look at the pros and cons of industry activity is portrayed.
  • NIMMSA opposes the proposed seismic survey called Batholiths. The project does not get approved.