The North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA) conducts conservation and business activities aimed at benefiting marine mammals, the economy and the marine environment off northern Vancouver Island.

NIMMSA members consist of representatives from organizations that operate in the northeastern Vancouver Island region between western Queen Charlotte Strait and the northern Strait of Georgia. Members fit one of five membership tiers based on the nature of their activities and abide by a Code of Conduct while engaged in marine operations.

NIMMSA members are involved in a wide range of activities. These include conducting marine mammal research and conservation as well as providing responsible wildlife viewing experiences such as daily tours, multi-day tours, lodge-based excursions, sea kayak based adventures, cruise ship based tours and wilderness camping adventures. Some NIMMSA members also provide private charters and accommodation.

Whale Watching Flaf

The whale watching flag is flown by vessels while engaged in whale watching. The purpose of this flag is to notify transiting vessels in the area that whales are likely to be within 400 meters of the vessel flying the flag. Any transiting vessels should then apply adjustments to course and speed as deemed necessary to be in compliance with the Be Whale Wise Guidelines (will open in new window).