The North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association, NIMMSA, became Incorporated in May 2007 after north island based marine eco-tourism company owners formed a society steering committee in April 2006. The purpose of NIMMSA is to undertake business and stewardship actions aimed at benefiting the local marine environment, species within it, and the economy. NIMMSA currently represents the shared vision of 25 organizations.

North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association members are committed to the sustainability of a positive balance between human activities and the health of the local marine eco-system. Prior to the creation of NIMMSA its current members had a long history of cooperation and stewardship but no formal body to represent or fund mutually beneficial initiatives.

NIMMSA Code of Conduct
NIMMSA Membership Application

President: Stephen Gabrysh
Vice President: Jack Springer
Secretary/Treasurer: Breanne Quesnel
Director: Rick Snowdon
Director: Tim McGrady
Director: Andrew Jones

NIMMSA Administration:
Administration services provided by: Stephanie Puleo